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new moon in gemini // 4 new moons

(un-edited thoughts during the workshop)

How can I be thoughtful, how can I grow and shape my world to be fulfilling. I want to learn and impress, and ultimately connect. But I want it to have value and I think the sake of speaking without that level of seriousness and meaningfulness it becomes wasted space. How do I cultivate my own world, my own path, and inspire others to follow. I am disappointed that and experiencing a lot of resistance that makes success difficult. It makes me feel alone, and while I know I’m not It makes me feel against. I want to stand on my own proud and feel meaning and be meaningful to and for others. I want to be able to feel myself grounded, thoughtful, and well-intentioned. How else are you connected? Perhaps I should take some time to write. But its difficult to connect.

What truly brings me pleasure and joy in my life is discovery. I love discovering the possibility of ideas, endeavors, and beginnings. How these new beginnings will take fold and how they will change our world. I am grateful for the way people respond to me. That people are incredibly kind and never mean. It feels like I am really stepping into a world, a platform, a group, a collection, a system that needs me. That’s honestly the scary part of having to rise up and having to exist. Its hard for me to put myself out there. Its important for me to trust my intuition so that I can continue to positively affect the space that I hold. And to mold it so that it can nurtured in the way that heals and builds trust that I want to aspire to. I need to take back the confidence in myself that I can exist without the on-lookers. That I will continue to do work and will grow and I do not have to worry about trying to remain relevant or on a certain side.

Its been so satisfying to find a space of magic after so much political work. Politics is missing humanity. It is missing the spirit. It is truly missing art. From the spirit, the heart, the emotions that’s where your trust and vulnerability it. I needed this. My soul needed this. It reminds me to connect myself to the world, to the earth, and to a place of empathy for I have seriously been feeling far too cynical and far too dark. I cannot forget the magic. I can’t forget the heart and its value.

(we took lines we liked from the poem readings and collaged them)

We dream together

We are here

If you are still you can feel this

You are allowed to just be

I am powerful, I am becoming

I guess I love you.

I love you and I’m listening.

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