a creative's drive

Updated: Nov 23

when I create - everything I do is towards what I want to see and envision. what I value. what feels right. i want to paint flowers. i want to make an abstract composition. i want to put these colors together because they just look so good. when i look at these colors they make me feel satisfied. pthalo turquoise is the color of my soul. the visual satisfaction of meeting these visual needs that my brain is driven to curate is a constant enjoyment. it is a purpose. it is what I can do and what i can bring that comes from me and only me. whether it is wanting to be in an environment that visually feeds that need or the satisfaction of looking back at a painting and imagining the composition and then marking it and seeing it real..is a kind of contentment in my work that I genuinely just really really enjoy and so much of the reason for my making.

all i can hope for in this life is that others feel that same satisfaction.

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