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Z O D I A C Constellation 

3 color risoprint on 8.5x11" cotton paper 

Whether you're a scorpio sun or gemini moon, or maybe you're looking for the perfect gift for your favorite taurus there's one for you! 

Each sign and each comes in two color variations; fluorescent pink + cornflower blue -or- fluorescent orange + cornflower blue. The Flourescent colors are not to justice on the computer, if you like neon these guys are B R I G H T! 
Please select an option for which sign and color you'd like your print in.


These were made with hand painted/drawn designs and printed using a risograph!


note: Risoprinting creates unique prints in each edition as each color/layer is individually printed. This means that there is a natural and intended slight variation in these prints. I cannot list a photo of every single print so please keep this in mind that the print you purchase may not look EXACTLY like the uploaded examples. Especially with the two color overlay, the registration varies- it's pretty neat! But if you have any concerns or questions, please contact me. :) 

Zodiac Constellation Risoprint